Contact : 216-675-2223

Board of Directors Staff: Tanya Dixon - Executive Director

Maria Bonner -

Director of Educational Development

Jason Ananias Dixon -

Director of Arts Outreach

Danyell Goggans -

Director of Family Development

Joe Bonner -

Grief Recovery Specialist

We Engage, Empower and Develop Cleveland Youth

There are over 7 billion people

on our planet. Each person is packed with unique potential and purpose. However, some go through life never realizing their worth. Many face situations and challenges from an early age that lead to a sense of worthlessness. Others get labeled in ways that diminish a sense of purpose and potential.

Our History


We began our journey. 2018 is our 10-year anniversary!


Our youth helped to open up the new facility for Near West Theater. They all got rave reviews from the Volunteer Coordinator of the Near West Theater!


Over 500 young people have been served by our programs since 2009. Our programs and staff have more than doubled in that time.