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Mission Statement

Learning for Life engages, empowers, and holistically develops youth in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas. With a special focus on youth who have been marginalized, we provide a web of quality programs that caters not just to our young people, but also to their support networks.

Our Program Areas

Through four program areas - Youth Development, Education Development, Family Outreach and Arts Outreach - we equip our youth and their support systems with knowledge, skills and opportunities to realize their value, potential, and purpose.

Youth & Education

Some of our highlighted programs include: Pathways to Employment | Teen Success | Detour Mentoring Program | Boys to Men | Diamonds in the Making | Global Leadership Initiative.

Family Outreach

Some of our highlighted programs include: Empowerment Workshops | Family Life Coach | Active Parenting Classes | Family Booster | Family Grief Recovery | Healthy Living & Eating | Family Retreats.

Arts Outreach

Some of our highlighted programs include: Reading Company (exposure to books in an interactive format) | Performing Arts Programs | Arts Festivals | A Family Engagement & Literacy Program.