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Learning for Life will design a one-stop platform of services and programs specifically for families and youth that you serve:

Our Program Areas

Through four program areas - Youth Development, Education Development, Family Outreach and Arts Outreach - we equip our youth and their support systems with knowledge, skills and opportunities to realize their value, potential, and purpose.

Academic Tutoring

4th-8th Grade: Incentive Based Math and English to elevate student to State Standards or higher

Educational Services

Classroom Management, Tutoring and Academic Support for both students and educators for Alternative and Public Schools

Mother & Daughter Spa Day/Book Club

Money Matters

Ages 11-14: We teach saving, banking exposure and guarding their personal information and investing in themselves. Trips are also involved.

Youth Entreprenuership

Students completing this course gain school credit and leave with a business plan.

Teen Success

Addresses success behaviors, character development,goals, and decision-making (academically, socially & personally)

Youth Retreats

Coaching & Life Skills

(4th-12th Grade)

Leadership Classes

(6th-12th Grade)

In-School Vocational Exposure

Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development, Programming 101

Day of Empowerment

Bullying, Boundaries, Self Awareness (4th-8th Grades)