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Pathways to Employment

is a 15-week professional, social and personal development program for youth ages 14-19 that focuses on employability preparation, career pathway planning, goal-setting, personal character and integrity in the workplace.
The overall goal of the program is to motivate and increase self-esteem & confidence; develop leadership qualities for youth to be successful both in a workplace and social environments.

Program Objectives (Phase I)

Provide a weekly training session that supports and prepare the youth in their individual education and career goals
Provide the youth with a community service, job shadowing or work experience opportunity that aligns with his or her career, vocational or educational goals
Increase the youth’s knowledge of local community resources, career and educational options

Employability Preparation

Resume and Cover Letter
Mock Interview and
Dress for Success

Professional Development

Communication: Business, Social & Interpersonal
Conflict Management
Goal Setting: Overview

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Social Development

Financial Literacy: Overview
Consequences & Choices: Decision Making Skills
Self-Awareness and Building Self Confidence